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From The Earth, With Heart

It's our pleasure to introduce you to Hearth and our Yerba Mate-based, sustainable energy drinks. They're sustainable in both senses of the word: Yerba Mate is a South American herbal infusion that comes from a plant that is amongst the most nutritious in the world, whilst the energy boost it provides is far more sustainable than traditional energy drinks, which often give you a massive high followed by a sharp crash.

Not only is Hearth from the Earth, it has Heart too. Our flavour comes from real fruit juice, rather than sweeteners or a zero calorie chemical mix designed to replicate real flavour. Our Passion Fruit and Lemon & Hibiscus flavours combine perfectly with Mate's earthiness and make for the most refreshing drinks.

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  • "I LOVE your drinks! We tried the Passion Fruit one first and were so pleasantly surprised- I think we both expected it to be either fizzy or one of those generic water drinks which have added flavour, end up tasting a bit 'meh' and you'd rather just have a glass of water. Instead, it was refreshing, almost iced tea-like and the flavour was great. We then tried the other flavour which we were more wary of as hibiscus can sometimes be overpowering, but that was delicious too! "
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    Sally D

  • "I love your drinks. Great taste and the sustained slow release of energy is exactly what I needed! "
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    Harry G

  • "Your drinks were very refreshing, delicious and gave me a great boost of energy, just as advertised! "
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    Carolyn M

  • "I liked them a lot, very subtle! "
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    James H


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