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Spring '24 Scented Candle

Great House Farm Stores

Seasonally composed scents, hand poured into artisan vessels.

Hand-thrown ceramic pots that can be refilled again and again.

All our original scent recipes are available as Pillar Refills, which you can pop into your GHFS pot when its empty.

- Original Scent Recipes, blended to transform every moment

- Refillable scented candles

- As seen in: Living Etc, Red, Elle, Simple Things, Enki, The English Home

Founded by sisters, Roanna Day and Abbie Price, Great House Farm Stores creates original scent recipes 'to transform every moment’.

Growing up in an Anglo-Indian family, mixtures and blends were a fact of life. Dinner time was a feast of multi-cultural influences, and every important family event was celebrated with flavour, food and fragrance.

Our candles are inspired by our rich heritage, a beautiful blend of Indian and British, all nestled at home on our Monmouthshire farm.

We know that the most beautiful moments happen when great ingredients come together. We welcome you to join in connecting with every moment of life with your very own scent practice.

New Home Scented CandleCeramic Tealight HoldersHeal Scented Candle
Co-founders Roanna and Abbie walking down a country land
Roanna & Abbie

Refillable scented candles

Natural wax candles, hand-poured on our Welsh farm in artisan-made ceramic pots that can be refilled again and again.

Each of our scented candles is made by hand here on our Welsh farm.

We use a vegan, plant-based wax, organic cotton wicks and all our candles are poured into a handmade ceramic pot made by a British potter. We use essential and botanical oils and we always use the maximum amount of oil in every recipe.

All our candle pots are refillable, making them pots for life.

What does that all mean?

It means our scented candles are seriously, seriously good. They burn cleanly, smell amazing, are kind to the environment and support small businesses. What’s not to love?

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  • "I ordered the Heal candle and it blew me away! I have a busy life and not much time to stop and just breathe but this smell made me feel so grounded! The packaging is gorgeous and the little quote card is such a beautiful touch. The pot is a beautiful piece in its own right, but paired with the candle abs just the whole ethos of this company is going to make me come back again and again! So excited to have found you! "
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    Happy smallholder

  • "What a beauty! I bought the Home candle as a treat, having just moved into our first house, and working on building a home. This is the most delicious and complicated scent that really fills the whole house, and just looks gorgeous! It arrived in the most beautiful packaging, and the whole experience of purchasing and unpacking just really wants to make you consciously slow down and enjoy it. Thank you! "
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  • "I love this Spring candle so much. The pot is gorgeous and looks so good in my living room. The scent fills the room up with such a lovely fragrant, spring scent which lasts such a long time. I can’t wait to get a refill of my lovely pot with another gorgeous scent. "
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  • "This is just so good! And I am a serial candle buyer... The scent is so strong that I don't even have to light the candle for the lovely fragrance to fill the room. It smells super fresh and expensive and nothing 'fake' about it. Just a really gorgeously honest candle. I cannot wait to have this scent refilled again! "
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Press Comments

""We're big fans of the Great House Farm Stores refillable aromatherapy range. The Rest candle, with its powerful blend of lavender, rosewood, clary sage and neroli blossom, is the perfect bedtime companion." "
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Sep 2022

Wildflower Magazine

"On our 'Calm' candle... "When lit, your room will feel almost spa-like as soothing notes of orange blossom and chamomile pervade the air." "
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Sep 2022

Enki Magazine

"Hand-poured on their farm in Wales, all coconut-wax candles from Great House Farm Stores come in a range of beautiful hand-thrown refillable pots created by a master ceramicist. Offering over 20 different scents to capture a mood or season, Heal, pictured here, blends rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint and vetiver essential oils and translates them into a mind-clearing, energising and reinvigorating candle."
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Dec 2023

"We love to champion small businesses here at House Beautiful, especially at Christmas time. If you're on the hunt for some beautiful Christmas tealights, add this charming gift box from the Great House Farm Stores to your wishlist. The set includes one of their artisan-made, ceramic tealight holders (you can choose your favourite) and a pack of their festive scented tealights."
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Nov 2023


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