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Equestrian Gifts for Her

Caroline Towning art presents: horse riding presents, horse wall decor, horse canvas art, horse art prints and equestrain gifts for her.

I am a London based equine artist, I originally grew up in North Yorkshire surrounded by horses, dogs, and the countryside and have had an obsession with drawing horses ever since I was a young child. After a long career as a computer animator working in television and film.

I decided to follow my dreams and try and make it as a full-time equine artist, it was what I had always wanted to do and I thought that now was the time to take the leap of faith.

I set up a home studio and started drawing and painting horses, the most incredible journey started to open up to me, as I started to post what I was doing online people responded to me and started asking me for commissions and drawings. 3 years on I have painted princes, families, lots of horses and so many dogs that I have lost count.

I am currently working on a series of oil paintings for an exhibition in 2018 and continue to take on commissions and offer prints online.

Equestrian Gifts for Her | Horse GiftsHorse Wall Decor | Horse Art PrintsHorse Wall Decor | Horse Art Prints
Horse Wall Decor | Horse Canvas Wall Art
Horse Wall Decor

Horse Canvas Wall Art

Making gifts for horse lovers, horse art prints and horse riding presents from the passion and obsession with horses.

I have been obsessed with drawing and painting horses from since I was a young child. I work from my home studio in London creating horse canvas wall art from scratch. I tend to work on large-scale paintings. Each horse painting can take between 3 and 6 months to complete. I always start with a series of watercolor horse sketches. This is to the get the feel and the movement of the horse correct. Once I am happy with these I then start on the horse canvas art. I work on the backgrounds first, I believe that the background is just as important as the horse itself. Once the base layer of the background is complete I then do the base layer of the horse. Once the base layers are done, I then build multi-layers of detail on top. The detail layers are what then takes the most time as I can just keep adding endless detail to the horses and background. Once a painting is complete I then sell the original, and I get it photographed so that I can make limited and open edition prints.

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