Which Glasses Are Which?

Which Glasses Are Which?

A unique and affordable gift idea for dad, mum, grandad, teachers, friends - our individual glasses cases are perfect for anyone who has more than one pair of specs, and muddles them up in the usual identikit optician offerings. You can add a personalised cloth to show not only which glasses are which, but whose they are. Never pick up the wrong specs again!

Designer Hilly Beavan explains how she thought up the idea: "Coming out of the opticians with several different pairs of specs, I could see an immediate problem. Which glasses were which? Were the ones in the blue case for music or reading? Which pair should live in the car?

No problem, I thought, there’s bound to be a case featuring a treble clef in the music shop. But there wasn’t. I searched everywhere, didn’t find many specs cases at all, and none which helped in any way to identify what the glasses inside were for.

So we designed our own, and here they are. I knew I wasn’t alone after spotting a friend’s case with 'music glasses' sellotaped to the lid. So these designs are for everyone who uses glasses for reading, driving, sewing, knitting, music, watching TV or gardening and has ever wondered 'which glasses are which?' I hope you like them and find them useful."

Update! Following the success of these cases, and in response to customer requests, we've designed three new cases - for your sewing and knitting glasses, for cinema and TV (distance) glasses, and for the gardener's glasses. Our new designs are also available with personalised options.