The Secret Play Company

The Secret Play Company

*How the journey began.* With two children of our own, we knew all too well the pain of treading on Lego bricks in bare feet or the fear of falling over a railway layout placed in the middle of the room. With this in mind, we were eager to buy a play table on which our children could build their train and Lego sets, even race their cars upon. We soon found that a traditional play table would take up too much space in our living area, and with nothing available to suit our needs, we decided to design our very own play table with a twist!

The design, right back to the original sketching, material and production process started in December 2009. Right from the conceptual stage, the project was awarded an Innovation and Sustainability Grant through Brighton University, and after much thought, work and deliberation on how best to produce a child's play table, TurniTable™ was born.

Our award winning wooden play table, TurniTable™ is a small child’s table which transforms into a double size play station in seconds with seating for up to four children. When not in use, the top folds back to 'mini' size and benches can be neatly stowed underneath – perfect for small spaces.

November 2012, TurniTable™ has seen a re-vamp and we are absolutely thrilled with the results! We've also made the buying options more flexible and TurniTable™ can now be ordered with or without benches featuring handy storage compartments. Available in a variety of colours; blue, green, natural and orange.

For a mega storage solution, you may wish to consider our latest innovation,TurniBox™. A HUGE toy box with all the benefits of a traditional design, TurniBox™ features the same double size play station as TurniTable™ which folds down into a tidy, compact unit when not in use.