The English Shipmate

The English Shipmate

Life is about the crew you sail with; our voyages of the heart.

Come aboard - let's create something together that'll be part of a special memory, to be thumbed in the pocket, worn with delight...

The English Shipmate is a small, artisan studio, founded by silversmith and sailor, Victoria Harwood.

Each item is made by hand, so it's a very personal process - a labour of love from raw material, to tying the ribbon around our white, British-made gift box.

Sometimes thumbs are bashed, it happens, then Gin is required.

Helpers include Dan on copper planishing, Cherry Nana on post and tea duty, small son Kit on big ideas for "What to do next..." and, of course, First Mate Philip for the inspiration.

Shipshape values: We are delighted to have been commissioned by the RNLI.

Every piece is struck with Victoria's Sponsor's mark and fully assayed by The Birmingham Assay Office where legally appropriate. Suppliers: All our raw materials are sourced responsibly - from the British Isles whenever possible.

Got a query?

Hit the 'Ask Seller a Question?' button, we'll be happy to help, from squeezing in an order to make a certain date to maybe doing something a little bit differently just for you...

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