Siop Gardd

Siop Gardd

Croeso! Welcome!

Siop Gardd (Welsh for garden shop) is the creation of Patti, Ron and Stefan.

Working from our home in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, we handcraft garden and home accessories.

Our story began in 2008 when we, as a family, decided to pool our talents and see if we could create a new home grown business. With Ron's background in carpentry we knew it had to involve wood! As we all love feeding the wild birds that come into our garden, we decided to make colourful bird houses.

From then on we began to create more and more products, encouraging our customers to work with us. Some of customers gave us such good ideas and many of our products are a result of their inspiration!

Most of our products are personalised and it gives us such a sense of satisfaction knowing we are making something that is entirely unique to the recipient.

We care very much about the environment so we always use materials that are either from a sustainable source or recycled. Our paints are also all water-based and non-toxic to wildlife.

We love to hear from our customers, so please feel free to contact us!