customer comments

"My daughters have the pink mushroom and there isn’t a night goes by that this isn’t switched on. I have never changed the bulb in it... they are the best nightlights ever"

"My son has his toadstool lamp on constantly, he loves it and it looks great in his room at night, not too bright, not too dark!"

"We bought a nightlight as a gift for a friends baby online, it arrived with them within 2 days and there were thrilled! It is such a special gift for a new baby, really different!"
Dear Charlotte
I meant to say that when my daughter was born in 1971, she used to have a little ceramic nursery light in the shape of a little cottage with figures inside.  It used to fascinate her.  I can't remember where I bought it, but you don't see anything like it nowadays.  Everything is so cheap and plasticy.
She is now expecting her first child and she wanted a similar nursery light for her own child. She saw your nightlight in a magazine.....and it appears just what we are looking for.