press comments

Channel 4 News, 9th March 2011, tie worn by Jon Snow.

'Janey Whitehorn's lampshades are so vibrant that you don't even need to turn on the lamp to bring a room to life. The hand marbling technique used to create them means that each one is unique.' Elle Decoration, April 2011  

'Janey Whitehorn designs beautiful, bespoke, hand marbled silk lampshades.' House & Garden, September 2010. Insider decorator's notebook.

Fashion director, Lucinda Chambers 'Heavenly Hideaways' Vogue, June 2010.  

Financial Times, 'How to spend it' magazine, April 2010.  Eclectibles.

'Shades of glory - Janey Whitehorn is known in fashion circles for her vivid silk scarves, and last month launched her first collection of homewares - gaily handprinted silk lampshades.  Vibrant explosions of colour, in fuchsia, turquoise and bright yellow, they transform neutral interiors from drab to fab.' The Sunday Times, 'Home', October 2009.  

Financial Times, 'How to spend it' magazine, March 2008.  Eclectibles. 

Financial Times, 'How to spend it' magazine, November 2007.  Eclectibles.