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Daily Mail, Interiors "Time to Clock On" 25th March, 2011 - Lara Sargent - Vintage Visseaux Turntable Clock

"Forget boring bedside alarms or relying on the cooker’s digital read-out, today’s clocks are designer statements — not just a timepiece to let you know how many minutes until your favourite programme starts, but seriously cool interior must-haves to suit any style of decor...‘We are moving towards an era where one will check one’s phone to tell the time, but gaze lovingly at a treasured timepiece if one wants to savour the moment"


Retro to go Website

"Remember the Vyconic clocks we featured at the end of last year? Well, if you don't, check them out, as they look absolutely stunning...The old pieces of equipment have been re-painted with bright colours, a classic piece of vinyl placed on the turntable and clock mechanism added, to create a truly distinctive piece"


Makemefeelgood blog

"The look of this clock is stylish, clean and will make for a great piece for any room. The seller/maker Vyconic has taken the time to re-finish this piece and has done an excellent job"


'Trends and Styles for you' (designer website)

"Most coffee tables are simply meant to complement the decor of your living room, but there are a few coffee tables that tend to change the notion. The HMV coffee table from Vyconic is one-of-a-kind record player coffee table that will sweep you off your feet while you enjoy a cup of coffee."


'Home Quotient' (designer website)

"The old HMV radiogram is recycled into a stylish coffee table, for a true musical experience. The underneath of the furniture features a Garrard turntable with an original HMV shellac record. The table is refined in black lacquer with a thick strong glass top, and the edges with quarter pieces of vinyl record."