press comments

You might have seen Thrupenny Bits showcased in the following publications -

July's edition of Practical Parenting on their "It's a Mum Thing" page "Two For One - This portable breastfeeding pillow from Thrupenny Bits is more than just a breastfeeding pillow - remove the inner sack and it turns into a funky little bag."

September/August edition of Junior Pregnancy and Baby on the desirables page - "Shoulder Houlder - We are always on the lookout for baby products that combine practicality with style and were impressed with fabulous breastfeeding accessory Thrupenny Bits designed to make breastfeeding a fashionable experience"

September editions of Baby Surrey and Baby Hampshire on their Hot Products page - "A MUST HAVE for all breastfeeding Mums. We love this stylish highly portable breastfeeding cushion from Thrupenny Bits. It can be carried over your shoulder like a bag, or hung over the handles of a pram, looking more like a fashionable bag or cushion giving you the freedom to breastfeed anywhere...... it is comfortable and encourages correct posture. Plus you'll have a lovely bag to carry all your baby paraphernalia in when you've finished breastfeeding"

As well as a double page feature this month in South East Parenting magazine to inspire other mothers who've began the arduous road of starting their own business. 

"You" magazine the Mail on Sunday suppliment have just featured Thrupenny Bits on thier Health Notes page titled "Comfort Eating For Babies" and state that Mummy colleagues loved the super-stylish Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding cushion......"