customer comments

"Since my thrupenny bits cushion arrived about 7 weeks ago, I can honestly say it has enhanced my life no end. My son was quite large when born and I struggled with establishing breastfeeding from the beginning, mainly because I found it so awkward to hold him (c-section delivery probably didn’t help either). At home this was fine, as I had a big breastfeeding pillow, but obviously carting this around was not an option as it is quite cumbersome, not to mention not very discreet. Now, I feel completely confident that I can feed my son comfortably, wherever we might be – so far this includes numerous cafes, the cinema, shopping centres, in the park and even whilst out walking on the coast! I used to envy those mums who didn’t need anything to support their babies whilst breastfeeding, and now I like to think they are envious of my rather stylish accessory when I’m out and about!" Laura - Bristol

"This is a fantastic breastfeeding bag/pillow! First time round I had a huge pillow which was good but not portable. Then when my 2nd child was born last year, I discovered this bag and it has been so much easier! You can just take it everywhere you go and it looks great and when your baby is really small, it is so handy to have that extra help and comfort with the pillow and not be confined to your house! Now i use it as a bag, would def recommend it" Lucia - Forest Hill

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for my order ;-) really happy with it and already have used it in a coffee shop ;-) being a first time mum its given me the extra confidence I needed in order to breast feed in public and the material/quality of the bag is great. If you are in any doubt of buying this just go for it!! Laura - Egham

"I saw somebody using one of these bags, so asked them where they bought it from and I was given the site address for thrupenny bits, which is soooo cool.I breastfed my first baby, but nervously, especially in public, so I bought a bright pink thrupenny bit when my second daughter was born in January, result!! I haven't given her a drop of formula, have loved every second of feeding her, am confident in public, and have handed out the web address to other admiring Mum's, plus, I use the bag as a safe tool to prop my baby up on my bed so she can see me get ready, and ahe can't fall over on her side, it's fab.Thanks!!" Becky - London

"I bought this cushion on recommendation from a friend and its one of the best things I've bought as a mother! I used to feel really awkward when feeding as I couldn't get my son into the correct position and felt uncomfortable. Once I used the thrupennybits cushion everything changed and now I can feed really easily as the pillow is the perfect width and shape. It's really handy to take outdoors to feed, especially in the park when I've completed a feed and then I can use it to snooze on! I would highly recommend this product (I already recommend it to all my friends that are mothers)" Bumbi - London