customer comments

I cannot speak highly enough of the service I received from the artist nor the quality of her work . My order was "bespoke" as it was being posted to Australia . Not only did this delightful seller assist myself in prepapring my special order she did so at a cost to herself and in a very timely manner at Christmas time ! Truly the Christmas spirit does live on in this generous and talented woman . It is no criticism on the part of Tania ( the artist ; she cannot be faulted) but the constant to-ing and fro-ing of emails via Not on the High Street was quite frankly a "PIA"... URGH!! I am glad that I perservered with the emails for the net result was well and truly worth it but there were a few moments that I did consider cutting my losses and pulling out of NOTHS . Widening your market place can only be a good thing for your vendors and NOTHS has got to up their game to include overseas postage and handling as a standard . Besides this I have only good thongs to say about Tania Fernandes my newest bestest freind ! Happy New Year

Heather Pickmere