press comments

The Telegraph magazine, May 2010:

'Sock it to me. Sock -creatures has taken sock puppets to a new level, selling kits to make owls, monkeys, socktopusses and sockosauruses, complete with birth certificates and heart charms...... charming'

Homestyle sewing magazine, April 2010:

'Meet the latest craze to take the sewing world by storm - Sock Creatures! Their brilliant website is stocked with cute and quirky kits to buy on-line, along with 'bling' to pimp your sock creature and a rogue's gallery full of other people's fantastic (and sometimes a little strange!) creations. Perfect for kids and adults alike.......'

Sew magazine, February 2010:

'Sock shock. We adore these kitsch new sock creature kits... guaranteed to keep both adults and kids alike entertained for hours.'