press comments

The Guardian Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Featured "Ruka-Ruka's wonderful personalised Carnival Print"

House Beautiful Magazine:  "On trend - Personalised with a child's name, a birds and butterflies mobile print, £25 from Ruka-Ruka, makes a beautiful gift for a newborn."

Life.Style.etc:  "Life.Style.etc loves Ruka-Ruka’s prints for kids – a great way to create a cool, modern nursery. There seems to be a baby boom amongst my friends just lately and I’ve been struggling for gift inspiration! So I’m loving Ruka-Ruka‘s gorgeous, bold, retro prints that can be customised with the new baby’s name or date of birth for that extra personal touch."  Nic, Picture Editor. "This Patchwork alphabet print from London-based design studio Ruka-Ruka was inspired by an old quilt her mom used to wrap her up in, the artist used close-up photographs of vintage fabrics to create a home-spun patchwork effect with her alphabet print. It’s so cozy and comforting yet bold and fun at the same time. And, I must say, it’s even more beautiful in person!Ruka-Ruka also sells bold and colourful customised prints. Check out the custom London print with the child’s name across the double decker bus. It would make a really cute new-baby gift, don’t you think?  Courtney