press comments

"Every now and then gear arrives in the go 4 a walk office that just takes your breath away. Beautifully presented in a ribboned gift box, these socks just ooze luxury. Made from 75% Alpaca and 25% nylon they are thickly padded and delightfully soft to the touch. My boots never felt so comfortable. " go 4 a walk


One of the problems with winter sailing is keeping your feet warm. Goretex boots are infinitely warmer than traditional rubber wellies, but if you're still suffering, why not invest in some serious socks?
I've been trying out a pair of gorgeous, luxury alpaca socks from Perilla, which might seem a touch pricey at £25, or alternatively absolutely priceless for enabling you to extend your season and enjoy clear, sunny but extremely cold winter days on the water." by Cathy Brown, Editor The Main Sail