customer comments

Thank you so much, beautifully packaged socks have just arrived and I am delighted. What a lovely present to give someone! Bridget Bell, London      

Just wanted to let you know that my dad had a spinal stroke approx 12 months ago and since then his feet have always been cold especially at night.I purchased a pair of your bed socks for his christmas pressent and he was so pleased with them that when asked what I could get him for his birthday his reply was another pair of those bed socks, as they are so much better than another make that someone else had got him - so that is what i have just done!best wishes, Karen T.

 Just wanted to tell you that my diabetic husband who had permanantly cold  feet, says the socks are Wonderful and work really quickly. No more cold feet on my warm ones. Thanks
, Carole F, Bristol.

As a Police Officer and a sailor in my spare time I have been hugely impressed by your alpaca socks.  Warm in winter and cool in the heat I can actually (if I've forgotten to put the washing on) wear a single pair of these socks for a complete set of 6 shifts.  To be honest for about six months of the year I don't wear anything else.  I am treating myself to some of your lighter socks so that I can wear them all year round now.  For the last year I have been singing your praises to my colleagues. KP,Glos.