customer comments

"I have ordered one of your popping cards for a hen do in Australia next year. They are beautifully made and I cannot wait to get the bride to be on a chair riding it like a bucking bronco!!!! Prompt delivery and thank you for the advice in keeping it in tip top condition for getting there."


"Andrew and I would just like to say a big thank you for the invitations.  They are fantastic!  We've had a massive positive response to them - from 'the coolest ever' to 'I can honestly say it is the first invitation that made me scream' to 'the invite is ace, the pop out bits hit my chin!'"

David, Edinburgh

"I bought one of your robot valentines pop up cards for my geeky boyf, and I just wanted to say thank you!! He absolutely loved it :)"

Sarah, Glasgow

"LOVE IT!!!  LOVE IT!!!  LOVE IT!!!  Many thanks."

Jane, Leicestershire

"Took your card and gave it to my friend's three year old.  He loved it and played with it for most of the day.  Pretty amazing work for a card!  I love the textured paper you use, really feels good and fancier than just a flat board and the colours are lovely, as is the old school typewriter type font.  All lovely.  It's a card I could see in any swank shop in London or the world over.  A card that keeps a little one occupied for hours?  It's so simple, yet pleasing."

Karen, Edinburgh

"Your cards that I bought are great!  One is winging its way to Australia as we speak!"

Jill, Coatbridge

"I was expecting it to do something unusual, but it was a complete surprise when the cubes flew out over my head.  Nice one."

Dave, Glasgow