customer comments

‘Your nappy balm was amazing on nappy rash, it cleared it up so quickly. I have tried lots of other products but this one really works!’ (Zoe, Skye's mum)

‘I used Organic Monkey cradle cap oil on my daughter’s persistent cradle cap as everything else I had bought from chemists had failed. It was gone within 3 applications and still hasn't returned a month later. I am seriously impressed and can't wait to try the other products in the range.’ (Kerry, Beth's mum)

‘The gorgeous smell of Hello Mellow Massage Oil makes a lovely relaxing end to my daughter's bath time. It has done wonders for clearing up the little patches of eczema and dry skin she sometimes gets. The texture is really light so it soaks in well and doesn't leave an oil slick like some massage oils can.’ (Lou, Clancy's mum)