customer comments

'I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my Katy satchel. I shall wear it with pleasure because it is beautiful and with pride because it was created ethically.'

Lucy Irvine, Bulgaria. Author 'Castaway', 'Runaway' & 'Faraway'

'The bags are fantastic - deeply functional yet so fab in style!'

Jenny Higham, London.

'A stunning make-up bag of the softest leather, complete luxury!'

Mandy McDonnell, Cobham, Kent.

'My boyfriend bought one of the 'London Animal' scarves for my mother for her birthday which earned him huge brownie points. The design is unique and the colours exotic. The scarf beautifully accessorises any outfit and is a little piece of luxury. We will definitely be buying more from NV London Calcutta.'

Joanna Webb, Clapham.

'A number of my friends have admired the bags I have bought from NV. They are stylish whilst still being practical, which is essential for something that you carry your world around in! The leather is beautifully soft and the quality of the finish is excellent. It's also great to know that you are buying from a company who acts ethically and responsibly towards its' workers.'

Helen Hall, Brighton.

'Having recently bought a NV London Calcutta bag whilst in London, I am constantly stopped and asked where my bag came from. I love telling people the origins of my bag and how beautifully made it is. My favourite bag by far!'

Skye Bayne, Adelaide, Australia.

'I just opened my NV parcel and my 'Emmeline' handbag is DIVINE! Think I'll probably use it forever! I also bought a scarf as a present but it's so gorgeous I'm not sure I can part with it. Beautiful, beautiful products. Thank-you.'

Maggie Turner, Somerset.