customer comments

Oh my gosh! The tee pee arrived today and it is even more spectacular than on the web-site. You are very clever indeed. I was going to give it to Cissy for her birthday, but it is so wonderful that I don't think I can wait. I'll send you some snaps when i have put it together. Thanks for being so talented! Kind regards. Belinda NSW Australia.

Re. Teepee - "I love it, thanks". Feza, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Seattle USA.

Hi Kate, the teepee arrived this morning both our daughter's love it - the older one had to be dragged out of it at bed time, she had made it into her ice-cream shop! Kirsten, Jersey.

Well, the hiding is over and... Bella loves her teepee! Toni Ann, NYC.

Thank you for all of your hard work getting the teepee finished in time! Lily loves it, and so do we! Mark, Hemel Hempsted.

Re. Teepee: Great product, I love it! Lahana, Brazil.

Thank you for making such cute moozles!  I received them on Thursday and they make me smile.  I hope you have a great weekend. Shannon, L.A.

Message recieved re. booties..."they are absolutely gorgeous - THANK YOU! And thanks for sending them so quickly, I think they are very well priced for something so well made and beautifully packaged." Andera, London SE2.

Re. Teepee: Beautifully made, very nice material. Was shipped to Canada in about two weeks. So pleased! Jesse, Montreal, Canada.

Re. Teepee: Received it on time, exactly as described. Great seller. Highly recommendable :)

We absolutely love this little teepee! Thanks so much. Krystin, Edmonton, Canada.

It is just wonderful!!! Thank you Kate! Julia, Germany.

Great product and fast shipping!! Thanks! Joey, British Columbia.

AWESOME!!! my son refuses to sleep in his bed now. big enough for me to crawl in for a tuck in. my husband gathered large sticks to use as poles and it looks awesome. WONDERFUL quality. don't hesitate!  feedback left regarding the BIG teepee tent. Christie, Boston, USA.

LOVE this teepee! My son just loves getting in it. It has made such a fun addition to his playroom. Easy to put together, too. Elizabeth, Islington, London.