press comments

Contemporary jeweller and silversmith Louise Mary Muttitt of Louise Mary Designs...has been running a successful business producing silverware and jewellery for seven years... She is currently having her best ever year' - Jewellery in Brittain (JiB), September 2013

'Birmingham has long been at the heart of the country’s silversmithing trade – and a new generation of artists are working hard to ensure it stays that way. Louise has made her home in the Birmingham’s historical quarter for the past couple of years and has gradually built up a reputation for her gently flowing organic forms. Originally from Herefordshire, Louise creates handmade silverware in shapes inspired by nature. From her talented hands have grown leaf-shaped bowls and spoons and delicate flower vases. Integral to the designs is the importance of form so a small cut-out or a twist gives each object an added dimension. Aiming for her products to be practical, Louise is also determined to produce items of beauty. With each piece being handmade, they are set apart from the carbon copy ranges of products available on the high street. In many cases her jewellery is an extension of her silversmithing. So, for example, a slight modification to a napkin holder can turn it into a bangle. Or the hollowed out leaf shape of a spoon can be altered to become the centrepiece of a pendant.' - Birmingham Post, 21st May 2010

'...Louise meanwhile, is inspired by the natural world and makes a range of objects, from candle holders to intricate necklaces and vases. Her stylish silvermithery strongly references the plant world, and all of her pieces are handmade. Her unique 'flower' units - a latticework of floral designs - comprise hand pierced silver tubing soldered into intricate patterns. In addition to pieces for exhibition and sale, Louise also makes individual commissions to order.' - Hereford Journal, 11th November 2009