press comments

"We love the beautiful jewellery designed and hand made by Kate Hamilton-Hunter in her studio on the North Wales coast. We particularly like her vintage style range, hand-made from modern biscuit, tea and cake tins, the vintage style of print on the collection give us a nostalgic feeling." (The Morning Edit blog)

"We stumbled upon the wonderful Kate Hamilton-Hunter stand (at the Top Drawer trade show). It’s always exciting to see someone doing something unique and Kate’s designs do not disappoint. Her wonderful tag-line sums up the ethos of her designs perfectly – Just when you think the story’s done, turn the page and another’s begun. I was really impressed by the care and attention to detail Kate uses when selecting the tin for the pieces, and the quality of the craftmanship. The patterns are so cute, so bright and vibrant, it’s hard to imagine them in their former, more mundane lives. The simple shapes work perfectly with the luscious patterns and the addition of crystals and pearls add extra interest without detracting from the main event." (What Simon Said blog)