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'Thirteen designers from the designer collective Revamp were present at Estethica this year. I was immediately drawn to this stunning halter dress with belt and silk drop, designed by Jane De Bono. Pictured here with a necklace by Kotomi Yamamura, Jane’s handmade revamped designs are from materials sourced locally to her Spitalfields studio.'

Second chance style: Your trash is our treasure

Worthless rags are rich pickings to innovative fashion label Revamp, which transforms the clothes deemed too worn-out to be sold by charity shops into unique one-off pieces

'For the launch last May, Jane de Bono, who runs a craft stall in Spitalfields Market, East London, converted a very long skirt into baby-doll dresses with panels made from printed scarves. ‘I also cut up a Chinese dressing gown and turned it into a dress. If something is very old I might dye it. The goal is to make things that are pretty, feminine and quirky,’ she says.'

A dress was made with scarves and screen-printed silk; the necklace was fashioned from glass, jade and ribbon  By Angela Neustatter

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