customer comments

Gavin, Manchester: Excellent products. My wife loves the Bump Butter. I will be purchasing more

Nicola, London SW4: I purchased a bottle of Rosehip and Ginger body oil. Most impressed, my skin has lost all those dry patches I seem to suffer with.

Domanick, Letchworth: This is the second time I've bought the Bump Butter for my partner. It's amazing stuff!

Vikki, Bristol:  I can't believe how good this stuff is!  Quite simply, it works incredibly well, it smells SOOO good, and it looks good in my bathroom.  Why doesn't EVERYONE know about it?

Margaret, Lanark: I have just received my order and so quickly and wanted to compliment you on the beautiful packaging, so much so that I almost didnt want to open them but I did, and the smells are so divine!  I can't wait to try it all.  I am sure I shall be ordering again soon!

Olivia, S.W London: 'These are just amazing!  It's that simple.'

Michael, Lancaster:  'My girlfriend bought your shaving oil because she liked the smell - and I was a bit reluctant to change from my usual foam.  But, girlfriends being what they are, I tried it.  And now I love it.  More please!'

Sammi, Basingstoke:  I've suffered from acne for years and tried everything.  My mother gave me some Great Elm juniper cleanser and toner along with the Camellia face care oil and I just can't believe the difference it has made.  Thank you Great Elm!

Sarah, Northampton: I am so pleased to have discovered your products, after years of chopping and changing, ending up with cupboards full of half used products I have finally found things that 'do what they say on the tin' and are a dream to use.

Samantha, Portsmouth: I have suffered with 'bumpy' skin for a number of years and despite eating all my fruit and vegetables, drinking lots of water and switching to a range of skin care products I believed to be 'natural', I never had any success in obtaining a better complexion. I settled on purchasing some Juniper & Soapwort and toner and am pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of significantly clearer and smoother looking only 4 days!!

Jane G, South Kensington, London: Can't believe how completely gorgeous and effective these things are!

Lady M., Gloucester: I am thrilled with the unguents: the Rosehip Body oil is out of this world, the Wild Rose cleanser fab, the Violet night cream delicious - that makes you a very clever woman!!

Celia, Fulham:  Thank you so much for the Rose body and bath physicks.  Delicious.

Jane, Barnet: Many thanks for sending the order and the gift. My feet love it! It is good that you are so prompt in sending the order. So, now there is another order on its way for you to process…. Violet and Rosehip Replenishing Cream is a must, and I cannot resist the Roses Gift Set - as I feel in need of pampering, I am going to indulge myself!

Bridget, Santa Monica, California: Please send the rose oil for my mother - she so loves it.  And her knees look so much younger! And for me, the Lemon Balm & Blackcurrant face oil which has so improved my skin.  Thank you so much!

Prof. J, Bristol: Congratulations. Your Hazlenut and Soapwort (what does soapwort look like I wonder) face cleanser is a worthy winner. I am just getting to the bottom of my first bottle and absolutely love it. Can I order another and try the bath soak?

Juliette, London W6: Love my skin cleansers and creams and and part of the order is for Christmas presents. I have to tell you that since using your magic potions my skins seems much softer and even younger if I dare say it. The other day one of my daughters asked me if I had had botox!