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Womens Weekly

"Going by the motto 're-design, re-cycle, re-love', online shop Ellie Ellie sells an ingenious collection of repurposed and 'up-cycled' homewares, lovingly crafted from pre-used vintage treasures. Everything on its site is either handmade or customised ensuring that no two products are the same. Our favorite items include sketchbooks made from old Ladybird children's books, teenage annuals and vinyl records, door signs made from wooden Scrabble blocks and Dominoes turned into fridge magnets"

i (The Independant)

"You can quite literally jazz up your book collection with these ends. There is a health warning, however. Though you might be lucky ad end up with Miles Davis holding up your Orwell essays, you could suffer the ignominy of having one of Frank Zappa's jazz efforts o your living roon shelf" - Recycled Vinyl Record Music Bookends

The Journal (Newcastle)

"A must have for any comic or music lover, these fun plastic coasters are created using re-cycled vintage comic books and vintage music sheets" - Vintage Comic & Music Sheet Coasters

The Irish news

"Ideal for the best man are these personalised vintage letter tile cuff links, which come complete in a presentation box" - Personalised Vintage Letter Tile Cufflinks

Yorkshire Post

"Alternatively, you can enjoy using coasters created using re-cycled comic books to protect your surfaces. Perhaps not a truly amazing job for a superhero, but none the less a very practical one!" - Vintage Comic & Music Sheet Coasters

Inside Crochet
"Up-cycled brick necklace, these gorgeous up-cycled bricks make a fabulous unique necklace" -
Building Brick Red Love Heart Necklace Brooch

Wales Daily Post.
"Old School Diaries are probably the most ef
fective way of taking and keeping notes. Made from either Monopoly property cards, Cludeo cards, playing cards or train tickets, these iconic note pads, which are bound with 80 pages of lain paper are ideal for constructing your thoughts, lists and ideas" - Monopoly, Cludeo, Train, Game Cards Note Book

Making Jewellery Magazine

"Feel nostalgic with this truly unique and playful necklace. Set comes complete with a selection of 20 individual colourful bricks, flowers and plates for endless design possibilities" -  Design Your Own Buiding Brick Necklace

Yorkshire Post

"It is great to see the return of the humble paper chain.They are fun to make and an ideal way of occupying little hands on a chilly afternoon. I have a feeling that parents will fall in love with the handmade re-cycled vintage paper chains from Ellie Ellie that are crafted from vintage annuals, music score sheets, old maps or vintage comics. Terrific hung on a tree (being wary of placing near lights) or for adding colour to a child's bedroom"  - Handmade Recycled Vintage Paperchain