customer comments

"I've received the wedding stationary and I'm over the moon with it! Unwrapping it all was like Christmas morning : ) thanks for your great service and I'm looking forward to ordering the seating plan and menus in the not too distant future.  Thanks again Claire"

"Marianne its perfect! I love it! thank you soo much. Will definately be recommending you to my friends and will no doubt be using you for other friends for the perfect wedding gift! Thanks again, Naomi.x"

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing invitations. They are more lovely than I could ever have imagined. Seeing the colour you chose and the slightly vintagey feel to the card stock in the flesh was so much nicer than the proofs (and I loved the proofs so that's a compliment, I promise!) I had to sit on them for a week before we sent them out. Longest week of my life! Loads of people have said so far that they love them and I think they have really set the tone for the whole wedding. We've been banging on about how it's an informal party type thing rather than a traditional wedding and I really think that the invitations are an extension of that feel. I haven't been to many weddings but I can honestly say they are the best wedding invitations I've ever seen (but then I would say that!).  Thanks again, Beth."

"Just got the invites!! There gorgeous!! We love them, can't thank you enough. Please let me know if I can rate your services anywhere as these are the best I've ever seen and would love to share them with as many people as possible! Thank you sooooo much xx Best regards, Lisa and James xx"

"I've received the lovely Framed Art today!!! It was gorgeous!!! Thank you sooo much for that. My partner and I both love it- we are going to put that at the reception of our wedding day!!! Dor xx"

"I just received the invitations in the post and they are wonderful! The packaging was so lovely as well! I felt like it was Christmas or my birthday or something! Thank you so much for all your help. You really have been a pleasure to work with - great communication, very efficient and thoughtful comments and suggestions. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and everyone!  Very best wishes, Nicky"