customer comments

'Many grateful thanks to you both for the hard work, energy and love you  put into creating my beautiful table mats.  The glass platters are exceptional and will be a great Christmas gift to my family, who will surely adore them.' Frans. Geneva

'I am thrilled!!! What a suberb job you've done - the Table Mats are so incredibly smart and will be displayed at the next possible occasion.'  Many thanks again.'    Richard, Wiltshire

'I am deeply grateful for the effort that you put into these mats.  The impact of their success was palpable and I am so appreciative of the care you invested.' Alastair, London

'Thank you once again for the excellent table mats and coasters you supplied.  As I said in my e-mail the skill and presentation of the finished product shows my Coat of Arms in just the right setting and I am extremely pleased with the finished result.' Paul, London