terms & conditions

Murano Glass.

Each piece is carefully and lovingly handmade. The Murano glass used in the jewellery is made by hand and is then individually hand set in the silver. Therefore, please be aware that it is likely that there will be inclusions in both the glass and the silver and slight variations in size and shape. There may also be little bubbles or flecks in the glass - this is the nature of the piece and not a manufacturing fault. As the Murano glass in the collection is not machine engineered but individually made by hand, no two pieces will be absolutely identical.

Sterling silver jewellery care instructions.

Silver will tarnish if left out in the atmosphere and as you wear your jewellery, it inevitably gathers a build-up of natural oils from your skin. Tarnishing will be accelerated if it comes into contact with perfume, moisturiser, self tanning products, hairspray, chlorine, salty air, sulphur in the air, sea water, perspiration, acidic skin ph and sometimes can even be effected by medication that is excreted through the skin. Hot and humid conditions can also cause tarnishing. The amount of tarnishing (oxidation) depends on the skin and the care habits of the wearer. Tarnishing is therefore not a manufacturing fault.

We therefore strongly recommend that all jewellery is removed before showering or swimming and to take care when using perfume and cosmetics. It is best to keep silver jewellery out of the air if you want make sure it doesn't tarnish prematurely and to always store it in a dry, dark place, preferably a jewellery box.Jewellery will also tarnish if the atmosphere is a tiny bit damp - even if stored in a box. It is real silver and real silver does tarnsih over time.

Your silver jewellery is best cleaned using a silver cloth. Rub it with the silver cloth in gentle circular motions.

Please do NOT use silver dip on your sterling silver jewellery.

Snake Chain Care.

By their nature, snake chains, may become kinked if bent beyond their natural curve and may lead to breakage. Their semi-rigid form can make them susceptible to kinking and careful storage is required to preserve their original shape. They are best stored carefully coiled in a jewellery box and avoid squashing them under heavier items. The same applies to the popcorn style bracelets.

Semi Precious Stones, Fresh Water Pearls and Druzies

The semi precious stones and fresh water pearls and druzies used in the collection are all genuine, natural products. There will therefore be fluctuations in their size and shape. Due to the composition and natural properties of mined gemstones, product photographs may show slight differences to the actual stones or pearls you receive. They will have little inclusions, lumps and bumps. This is not a fault and is part of their unique charm.

The druzies in the collection have been dyed or coated to enhance their colour. It is therefore important to keep the druzies away from perfume, cosmetics, household cleaning products and water. Sudden temperature changes, steam and heat can also affect your druzies.

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