All Items are hand made to order & take varying amounts of time dependant upon the actual product being made. This will be relative to the availability of the map / paper cover chosen & the amount of glazing & drying time required. If you require a particular or obscure covering for a piece please ensure you check that this is possible prior to ordering and an estimated delivery date will be given. The lead times on each product is meant as a guide and we do our best where possible rto keep to this but please keep in mind that when you order an item from bombus you are in effect commissioning an entirely hand made, one off item produced entirly for you. There is NO stock of any design held.

We are able to ensure your item is made in time for a certain date you require but this service must be booked in before your order is placed and a clear note of this required date must be made in your message on your order. There is no guarantee unless you do this. Please do not email a day prior to needing your piece expecting that we will be able to send it out immediately as this will not be enough time. Each item has a series of drying, pressing and mounting stages which cannot be sped up.

Please note that bombus recycle packaging where possible. I hope that you do not mind? If you are not happy with this please sepcify on ordering your item.

Please see's delivery policy.