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I wanted to take a moment to say that saw Ellen on Dragons den and was really impressed by her: She comes across as a genuine and very caring person with a lovely personality. I personally think Ellen got a hard time for no reason from the Dragons and I completely disagreed with the way they acted towards her. I think Ellen did exactly the right thing when she walked away. That was inspiring - well done Ellen, you don't need them.

Please do thank Ellen for bringing such wonderful products to my attention on TV. I wish you all the best for the future and hope you succeed in everything you do - I love the ideas and the products, so I can see you doing really well in the future. I will keep my fingers crossed for you all.

Best wishes to all,

Duncan Houston

Hi I just wanted to say well done
For walking away from the Dragons Den with
Your head held high I for one thought you did the right thing, especially standing by that u didn't want your business out sourced as u said its a British company & should stay &  be made in Britain. I think your niche is all to aware off the bland typical Disabled products out there I am disabled & one of my bug bears is I don't want my home & my stuff to look like typical boring stuff just because I became disabled doesn't mean I'd lost my sense off fun I love ur stuff & the quirkiness of it so please carry on & upwards 
My heart Felt congratulations 
On doing the right thing & standing up for what u believe in.
With grateful regards
Jane Ansell

Dear Ellen Green 

Good morning. I'm Freida and I watched The Dragon's Den Episode 7 where you came to pitch your Blue Badge Company Business. It was Pitch perfect and I love what you've done with blue badge signs. I agree it's not clinical but rather a fashionable designs which are beautiful. Excellent Innovation . 
With best wishes 
Freida Edzla 

Hi, I treated myself to another wallet/holder for my blue badge, in the Midnight Stars design. It arrived today and it is totally STUNNING! I LOVE it!

Keep up the good work

Patricia Curtis