ODSX is a revolution in socks.

We have created a virtue out of an accident and turned it into a new fashion trend, making thesse socks the ideal gift. We make stylish patterned designs of closely linked, but mismatched pairs of socks. Each pair has it's own unique story and personality such as The Seafarer, The Mexican and The Convict.

ODSX socks are created for those of us who want to stand out and be a little different. These days our fashion tastes have become a bit too safe. Somewhere in all of us is a cheeky side; that inner rebellion that wants to be subversive, and to stand up and be noticed. We want you to express yourself through that one universal item, the sock. We all have them, those odd socks clogging up the back corner of the drawer. Well, we loved wearing them odd and now we love making them odd. Who told you that you had to wear matching socks, or matching shoes for that matter?

ODSX can liberate you from normality, release you from convention and show the world that you are, well, different!

Born Odd. Worn Odd.