Mod Dolly

Mod Dolly

Mod Dolly is a London based brand fashion created out of a love for vintage fashion and design. Our brand is inspired by the old, the new and anything that has a story to tell.

The Mod Dolly girl is playful, quirky and strives to be more creative in her everyday styling.

Our collections are designed with the vintage girl at heart; we work with tradtitional silhouettes, adding modern on-trend touches, to bring you a range of beautifully classic pieces.

Since our debut collection in 2012, our brand has grown from strength to strength, gaining custom form around the globe and building a very fashionable and loyal fan base. Customers appreciate the hard work that goes into our ranges, especially with all of our handmade collections and we think this is why they continue to add Mod Dolly to their wardrobes.

We hope you come to love our label just as much as we do.