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Merry Dogs

Merry Dogs

Merry Dogs ID tags are authentic, timeless and hardwearing, and are made from traditional pet-friendly materials.

I hand-make these pet ID tags in English sterling silver and solid brass in my studio in rural North Yorkshire, with the assistance of my merry flatcoat, who is an enthusiastic Chief Product Tester.

The tags are made from lovely, thick metals that won't bend or distort in use. Each letter is hand-stamped individually, then darkened to create a contrast with the silver and brass. Your tag is sent to you attached to a secure split ring and arrives gift-wrapped.

Merry Dogs tags are more than just a way for your dog to get home, they also reflect the affection and fun you and your dog share.


Copyright notice: All text, product design and images, and the following slogans, are © 2015 Merry Dogs: '1% Wolf, 99% Fluff', 'If found, call my mum/dad/family'. All rights reserved. All intellectual property rights are and will remain the property of Merry Dogs Ltd.