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People say the British aren’t romantic, but according to relationship psychologist, Emma Kenny, we’re just misunderstood. Instead of big public displays of affection, Brits are more likely to express love through commitment, support and mutual respect. Of course, no two couples (or people) are exactly alike, and we all have different ideas about how to be romantic...

Emma Kenny


Emma Kenny is a highly experienced practitioner, recognised by the British Psychological Society and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. An expert on relationships, she’s worked with us to create five key romantic profiles to help explain our different approaches to romance.

practical romantic gifts

1. practical romantic

A thoughtful type who buys practical gifts that their partner really needs

You don’t seem ‘romantic’, but this is a misconception. Instead of grand gestures and openly romantic signs, you prefer to listen keenly and quietly to your partner’s needs. You make practical purchases, but they are

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passionate romantic gifts

2. passionate romantic

The one who loves buying spontaneous gifts to make their partner happy

You are tactile and openly loving. You’ll be found linking arms with your lover, wherever you go. Your partnership is a priority for you, and when you’re with your loved one, nothing else matters. You like to be spontaneous

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sentimental romantic gifts

3. sentimental romantic

The kind of partner who always gives from the heart; price is no object

You’re hugely organised, and methodical, and this shows in the type of gifts you like to give and receive. You like gifts to be linked to important moments, memories, locations and people. You hold on to special

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seasonal romantic gifts

4. seasonal romantic

The dependable one who never forgets an occasion and spoils their partner

As a partner you are open and genuine, and leave little hidden emotionally. Your partner will always be reminded of your love for them. The only problem in your relationship involves spontaneity; you don’t have any!

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ever ready romantic gifts

5. ever-ready romantic

The type of partner who will make you believe in fairy tale romances

You are the ultimate in the romance stakes. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who you are with – there’s always a part of your brain thinking about your partner. You find yourself texting, calling

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