Lizzie O

Lizzie O

I remember the moment I first came across some vintage kimono fabrics and instantly fell in love with them. I was inspired and wanted to make something beautiful from them so that women of today could get the opportunity to enjoy them and get a sense of the history of the women who wore them. It’s very important to me that so much of the materials I work with are recycled and granted a second life.

I named my label in memory of my much-missed grandmother, Lizzie Onions. Her surname was Onions but, bless her, she insisted on pronouncing it ‘O’Nions’.

I make clothing from one-off pieces of vintage kimono fabric sourced from fabrics made between 1930 and 1990. Occasionally – material permitting – limited editions will be available.

If you choose to buy a piece you do so in the knowledge that you will own a unique one-off garment made with love and care by hand. It will be something for you to treasure.

I also offer a bespoke service; we don’t all fit into standard sizes and I will work with you to get the perfect fit at no extra cost.

Additionally, I have designed a small collection with a 1930s look with a modern twist to complement my one-off pieces