We are Sally & Katie - two women right at the core of the gemstone and jewellery world.

Having both studied Gemmology in London, our story began when we met, living and working in Bangkok - the biggest gem hub in the world. Our job was to source the highest quality gemstones to the best jewellers in the world and our clients included Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Dior. Often they required stones so rare that sourcing these gemstones would take weeks, sometimes months to find and we would have to journey directly to the gem villages and mines in Sri Lanka, Burma, Vietnam & India to find them.

This incredible insight into the ‘behind-the-scenes’ world of gemstones fuelled our dream to break away and start our own jewellery company.

At the time, we were the only 2 white women living and working in the gem industry in Bangkok. This gave us first hand access to a huge selection of different gemstones on a daily basis, an incredible advantage over many other jewellers in the Western world.

But how could we be different? We wanted a fresh new idea that would set us apart from the traditional jeweller…

There has always been a desire for the element of bespoke – that specialised service where something has been made especially for you, to suit you. But this has always come at a high price. We knew that we could use our unique position in Bangkok to help women create their own beautiful, high quality gemstone jewellery, but at an affordable price – the Cartier experience without the Cartier price tag. But, how could we offer such a bespoke service without it being overwhelming and incredibly time consuming for the customer? We needed to find a fresh take on the traditional bespoke process and create an experience that was “quick, easy and fun”.

And so Kinnari was born - the online jewellery company where you can customise your perfect piece of jewellery to suit your own individual style.

You simply choose from our beautiful base designs and select your favourite precious metal and gemstones to create your very own piece of jewellery. Your jewellery will transform and rotate right before you with a click of a button on our state-of-the-art interactive 3D design tool. You can also see your jewellery to scale on our model so you can envisage exactly how it will look on you. It really is that easy… and so much fun!

Once you’ve chosen your design, our craftsmen will bring your design to life, and your custom jewellery will be delivered to your door within 3-5 weeks - anywhere in the world.

We care about your personal experience. When you create a piece of jewellery with us – that piece of jewellery is being made in our workshop especially for you.

  • The highest quality gemstones, from the best & most trusted suppliers are being hand selected especially for you.
  • The metal is being cast especially for you.
  • That piece of jewellery has your name on it from start to finish.

With Katie based in Bangkok she is still, as far as we know, the only white woman living and working long-term out there in the Gem Industry. Sally moved back to the UK for the launch of Kinnari in 2012 to open our London office in the heart of our European market. We both travel between Bangkok and London to collaborate on new collections, which we design ourselves.

Sally & Katie x