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Linen Door Jammer
made to order
Compact Cassette Door Wedge - door stops & draught excluders
Pen blackcan be personalised
Timber Door Wedge - door stops
made to order
'Bob' The Doorstop - door stops
Cast Iron Cat Door Stop - door stops
Grey And Cream Silk Doorstop - door stops
Brown And Mint Silk Doorstop - door stops
Gold And Peach Silk Doorstop - door stops
Orange And Grey Silk Doorstop - door stops
Purple And Pink Silk Doorstop - door stops
Blue And Brown Silk Doorstop - door stops
Brown And Gold Silk Doorstop - door stops

Door stops should be as pretty as they are practical and our door stops range is full of wonderful solutions.

The delightful door stops that you'll find in these pages aren't just for keeping your doors open. These door stops are also a great way to add delightful little accents and accessories to your home. Door stops don't have to be boring and when you see the beautiful and bespoke door stops in these pages, you'll want one for every door in every room of your home.

Don't settle for dyer door stops when you can have a door stop that truly matches your flair for interior decorating. And bring even more magic to your home with our amazing wall stickers and our fantastic art, paintings and sculpture.

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