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Painted Cushion
Chairs Linen Cushion
Happy Cushion
by Mr.PS
Happy Flower Cushion
by Mr.PS
50's Style Mambo Cushion Cover
Wedding Cushion
Cats Linen Cushion
Cellular Upcycled Cushion - cushions
Linen Flower Cushion

Colourful cushions can really bring a living room to life and make your sofa look better than ever.

Patterned cushions are a great way to introduce a spark of life into your home. As well as being so comfortable to curl up on the sofa with, they're intricate and bright patterns allow you to show off your skill at interior decorating. In these pages you'll find the very best cushions that you're bound to love. Why not add a bit of life to that old leather armchair? Or if you've just invested in a new sofa, it's only right to invest in new cushions as well isn't it?

To bring even more personality to your home, why not pick out a personalised cushion and commemorate a special date, place or person?

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