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Barrett's Ridge Beer Bread Starter Kit - gifts for fathers
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Bread Making Beginners Workshop For One
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The Artisan Cheese Making Kit
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Bread and cheese may be simple staples of many diets, but they can also be a real treat, and in these pages, you'll find lots of delicious examples of these classic foods.

We've come a long way from a sliced white loaf and mild cheddar. In these pages, you'll discover delicious farmhouse loaves made with seeds, or organic grains, and cheeses ranging from gooey brie to strong, robust stilton. These are not the foodstuffs that you can pick up at your local supermarket. They have been crafted by artisan bakers and talented cheesemakers who wanted to be true to traditional recipes, or experiment and think outside of the box. The bread and cheese in these pages also make great gifts, especially when you need to take something along to a dinner party.

Enjoy fine bread and cheese, and indulge in some truly unique food.

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