Diana Fegredo Studio

Diana Fegredo Studio

Welcome to Diana Fegredo – contemporary watercolour design

Hello! I’m Diana, artist and painter at Diana Fegredo Studio, and I create colourful and vibrant pieces of stationery and homeware.

I paint, design, and make from my studio in the Leicestershire countryside, 'helped' by my cats and long suffering artist husband.

Since 2008, I’ve created colourful cards for all occasions, which have proven popular in the UK, Europe and Australia. My growing range of homeware and textile design is a huge passion of mine, and I love working my contemporary watercolour paintings into fabrics for cushions and lampshades.

I like to think each design inspires happiness and creativity, wherever it ends up, and I love working in bright, vibrant colours as much as possible.

Many of my designs are inspired by the organic world of nature, and I’m often found focusing in on flowers as my subject. Everything is made with care and attention in the UK.

My work is great for colour-lovers, and anyone looking for something a bit different for their home.

By bringing a piece of my artwork into your home, you’ll have an extra bit of happiness and colour in your everyday life.