baby's first christmas

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Celebrating a baby's first Christmas is something to be enjoyed, and your memories of the occasion will last a lifetime.

A baby might not remember its first Christmas as it grows older, but you will. As you watch it grow over the years, over all of the Christmases, you'll always remember that first time when perhaps your child had his or her first taste of turkeys and cranberry, or had a silly paper hat put on his or her head. As magical as it is though, picking out a gift for your baby's first christmas present can be a bit tricky. They grow so fast at that age and they have no real hobbies (unless you count crying and sleeping) so it's natural to search for a little inspiration. With our range of first christmas presents for babies, you'll uncover lots of amazing ideas that will help to commemorate the occasion and make it extra special. From Christmas clothes that will look delightful in all of the pictures you're bound to take, to keepsakes and mementos that will grow to mean so much to them as they grow up. When you look at these pages, you'll find the perfect gift ideas for your baby's first Christmas.

If your baby is now coming up to his or her second Christmas, why don't you take a look at our collection of Christmas baby gifts, which is full of even more bright ideas.

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