Cerys Turner

Cerys Turner

Cerys Turner loves print, pattern and stitch. Welcome to her shop - a collection of hand printed and handmade craft kits, gifts and home accessories.

For as long as she can remember, Cerys has loved drawing and creating things with her hands. She wants others to experience the fun that can be had when creating, through leading workshops she realised that starting completely from scratch can be off putting when learning a new craft technique. So she designed craft kits that meant people could make a unique item, personalising it in their own way. The popular tote bag kits have been featued in CrossStitcher magazine and The World of CrossStitching.

Cerys enjoys creating products which have a playful side to them and bring a little piece of joy to everyday life. Inspired by Folk Art, vintage textiles, fairytales and stories from the past, she has created a range that draws on past textile traditions and combines this with contemporary trends to develop her own unique style. Working with traditional craft techniques with an emphasis on colour, pattern and decorative details, the printed textiles combine a love of the past with a modern twist.

By thoughtfully sourcing materials locally and working with British suppliers, most of the products are made to order from her cosy studio. Most special requests can be accomodated, so don't be afraid to get in touch - a friendly and helpful response awaits!

In a nutshell, Cerys makes interesting products that bring joy and encourage creativity in everyday life, which are produced in an ethical and eco-friendly way.