Blossoming Branch

Blossoming Branch

'Blossoming branch' is the sister business to 'Branch on the park' jewellery store in East London's Victoria Park.

Goldsmith and owner Julia Cook began selling her nature themed jewellery when the shop opened in 2010. It proved to be so popular that she designed a bigger collection and made the online shop Blossoming branch.

'There are endless possibilities when designing with leaves, branches and nature in mind. My collection will continue to evolve, blossom and bloom!'

The jewellery is all handmade in the workshop in Branch on the park, it is made from silver, 18ct gold plate and uses a wide range of semi precious stones.

Branch on the park jewellery store sells Julia Cook's one off pieces and provides a private commission service, Julia also sells her Blossoming branch collection there.

Alongside of Julia's work she sells a small collection of other designers' work.