Rescue Rollerballs by Blended Therapies

A great Rescue range, handy and easy to carry with you for rescue relief wherever you are.

All you need to do is roll the essential oils under your nose and breathe, they are safe to use as often as you need. The range includes:

Sneezy which works wonders for allergies that make you sneeze especially useful for Hayfever and pet allergies;

Stop It! for colds and flu as soon as you feel a cold coming on roll under your nose and breath in the oils your cold will either go away or will be milder;

Balance it! was developed with my hormones in mind, as it's name suggests the oils help balance irratic hormones and will help get you over those awful symptoms of PMT or the menopause;

Stop It! Ears is great for ear problems from flying and from earache in general although if symptoms persist you should see your GP. Handy Tip Use 3 days before you fly, during the flight and after if needed. Judith from Maidstone says "my holiday is usually spoilt by earache from the flight using the Stop It ears I didn't have any pain I was amazed and very grateful";

Calm It! for all those times you get stressed, ideal for use before exams or just when you need to feel calm. It's so effective you shouldn't use it if you have low blood pressure.

Rescue Rollerballs 10ml

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