Annika Wilkinson Illustration

Annika Wilkinson Illustration

"I'm Annika Wilkinson, an illustrator based In Bristol. I recently graduated with an upper class degree in BA Hons Illustration at the University Of the West Of England."

In the past three years Annika's street art and regular participation in numerous live drawing events has got her noticed and she has become a popular choice for portrait commissions.

Since showing in London, demand for Annika's scented sculptures and unique portrait work has made her a popular choice for unique personalised art for the home.

From street art to customised portraiture, Annika has always loved drawing and painting since school, pursuing her passion in the art world.

"I have always been drawn in by the juicy and indulgent tones in nature. I use warm, exotic colours and love making art that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

My style of working is very diverse, from tonal black and white charcoal work to vibrant, fruity character illustrations. I am passionate about creating a dramatic sense of atmosphere in my work. I like to think when people see my work, they want to dive into the picture and delve into an elusive dimension where you are transported to a mysterious wonderland of dreams.

Since experimenting with clay at college I have adored working with it, and sculpture has always been a big part of what I do. With personalised commissions, I love the fact that I can make something completely unique for individuals looking for that perfect gift to bestow on someone."