Adventure Avenue

Adventure Avenue

Where will your adventure take you?

Adventure Avenue is the online store for active people on the move. At Adventure Avenue we like to bring you the most unusual products at all price ranges and to suit all tastes and budgets. Here are some of the best:-

CARIBEE is the market leading travel and leisure brand in Australia. Caribee has a huge range of backpacks, rucksacks with wheels, school bags, travel bags and luggage.

Caribee has over 50 years experience supplying the world's most demanding travellers.

Buy with confidence as there's not a lot the Australian's don't know about backpacking and world travel!

VAUDE is simply an uber stylish range of backpacks, messenger bags and trolley cases from one of Germany's most respected and green outdoor and travel companies. Many of their products are made from 100% recycled materials.

For over thirty years VAUDE has stood for excellence in mountain sports and is now one of Europe's leading outdoor sports and travel luggage brand names.

Today VAUDE is one of the very few privately owned enterprises in the industry that has successfully withstood the trend toward consolidation.

VAUDE take their green credentials very seriously and have won many awards for sustainability. Vaude has the strictest criteria for Eco Products in the entire outdoor and luggage market.

VAUDE products are now sold world-wide.

DUCTI - For the longest time many people didn’t care what type of wallet they carried… until DUCTI came along. We rocked the industry with our anti-society Super Duct Tape wallets that say more about who you are. Why on earth would you be caught dead carrying a lame old leather wallet that you got from your granny for Christmas (nothin' against granny, we’re sure she’s cool and couldn’t find the Ductis when she bought you that lame wallet. So join the revolution and do it DUCTI style.

PUNC Bottles are produced to give our customers a healthy, safe, alternative to the plastic bottle. PUNC bottles are made from high-quality, 304 food-grade stainless steel, one of the healthiest and most durable materials available and strong enough to last a lifetime. All PUNC bottles are manufactured using food-grade materials that don't retain or impart flavours. They are non toxic, don’t leech and are BPA-free so unlike aluminium bottles do not need to be lined with plastic or epoxy resin. By purchasing and using a PUNC bottle you are helping to reduce the amount of plastic bottles used.